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Kenting (墾) 

At the very southern end of Taiwan is a beautiful resort and national park in the small city of Kenting.  I spent Christmas of 1990 there and had a wonderful time renting a motor scooter and riding all along the coastline.  It was here that I learned how much the Portuguese name for Taiwan, "Ilha Formosa", meaning "Beautiful Island" could be true.  On a clear day, one can even see the Philippines.  Kenting is best reached from Kaoshiung either by bus or a hair-raising ride in a mini-van run by private individuals (called appropriately a "Wild Chicken Taxi" because they drive like...)

-- Eric Trachtenberg 

Kenting -- the Topical Resort of Taiwan: 

Motorcycle by the beach...

Although it can be hazardous, there is little that can compare to the joy of riding along the rolling coastline with its beautiful, clean beaches, mountain views and brilliant sun shine. 
The view along the road from Kenting..

The view along the road from Kenting. 

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