Reading the Book

After The Soviet Union is organized both chronologically and by region.  This book is grouped into four parts. 


Part I begins with a look back at the USSR in 1990 and then contrasts it with the wild changes that swept through the New Russia after my 1998 return. 


Part II is an in-depth look at Moscow's places and the lives of everyday people told in a series of vignettes. 


Part III looks at life beyond Moscow in 25 regions stretching from the Baltics to the Pacific  Grouped together in the traditional Russian way, this part starts near Moscow in Russia's oldest cities before moving to north to St. Petersburg, down into southern Russia, across Siberia and on to the Pacific.  These regional chapters can each be read alone, if the reader wishes. 


Finally, Part IV covers the major changes in Russia since President Vladimir Putin took office in 2000, looks into the future and ends with my departure from Russia in 2001. 


I have also added more material from the former Soviet states of Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Estonia and Lithuania.


Photographs of the former USSR are on a separate photography page.

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